Ecko by Timhotel - Terms and Conditions

1. Subject:

Timhotel, a simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of € 2,423,520, headquartered at 60 Rue Marcel Dassault - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, registered with the RCS of Nanterre. Under the number 431 314 491 has created and manages a loyalty program for its customers, hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”.
The purpose of these General Conditions is to set the operating procedures for the Programme. Anyone applying for membership in the Program is deemed to have read and unreservedly accept these Conditions.
The purpose of the Programme is to provide its Members (hereinafter referred to as the “Member”) with various advantages, services and exclusive offers offered by Timhotel.


2. Definitions:

Purchase: transaction made in a hotel, and / or on a website forming part of the Programme, excluding services, and having given rise to invoicing and payment by any means other than gift card;

Action: (i) any Purchase and / or (ii) any interaction with the establishments participating in the Programme, in particular on social networks, and giving the right to the allocation of loyalty points under the conditions specified on the Site or the one of the websites participating in the Programme

Advantage: any advantage linked to the Programme excluding any conversion of points into Rewards;

Customer: natural person (s) who made a Purchase;

Establishment: hotel included in the Programme;

Manager: Timhotel Group

Member (s): natural person (s) who have joined the Programme;

Point: unit generated by a Member on his loyalty account following any Action carried out and which the accumulation gives the right to the award of Reward;

Reward: any conversion of Points specified in article 8 hereof;

Regularization: credit of Points following a complaint made by the Member;

Site: official site of the Programme accessible at the following address:


3. Scope of the programme

The Establishments are mentioned on the Site and on the loyalty terms and conditions item 14. The list of Establishments may be modified and updated at any time on the Site; which the Member expressly recognizes and accepts.

The Member undertakes to regularly read the information on the Site in order to know the Establishments that are part of the Programme.

Any Action carried out in an establishment and / or social networks which are not or no longer part of the Programme will not give right to the acquisition of any Point as soon as an Establishment is withdrawn from the Programme; and this, without prior information from the Members of the Programme, which the Member expressly recognizes and accepts.

In the same way, any Action carried out by the Member in an Establishment newly in the Programme will allow the acquisition of Points as soon as he enters the Programme, without prior information from the Member being necessary.


4. Membership in the Programme

4.1 Programme membership conditions

Any natural person of legal age in accordance with the laws in force in the member's country of residence, who is able to contract, can join the Programme and become a Member.

Registration for the Programme is free and is based on voluntary membership. Membership of the Programme is free and requires no prior purchase.

Membership of the program is strictly individual and only the natural person holding the loyalty program account can benefit from the accumulation of points and the rewards awarded.


4.2 Membership terms

Membership takes the form of opening an account directly online or at an establishment participating in the Programme.

For any membership to the Programme done at an establishment, and subject to having communicated their e-mail address, the new Member will receive a message communicating their username and a temporary password, in order to have access to their loyalty account on Internet. The Member must modify the temporary password which has been communicated to him, when he first connects to the loyalty account on the Internet.

Failing to have communicated their e-mail address to the establishment, the new Member must create the account on the Site. In this case, he must communicate the same personal information as when creating his account in the establishment in order to allow the connection of the account created on the Internet to his account created in the establishment.

Each member must have a valid email address to join the Programme. After registering, the member receives a verification request by email. After validation of the email address entered, the Member must choose a password which he agrees to keep confidential and not to communicate to anyone. This password will allow the Member to access his loyalty account via the Internet. The Member may modify the password communicated to him when he first connects to the loyalty account on the Internet.

The Member, in his capacity as guarantor of the confidentiality of his identifiers giving access to his loyalty account, acknowledges being responsible for any use which could be made of his account.

The Member must provide the mandatory elements requested upon registration: title, last name, first name, email, country, telephone number, date of birth.

The Member must accept the general conditions when joining the Programme by checking the box "I accept the conditions of use of the program".

For all new registrations, the new Member will receive an email to confirm their registration.

When joining the Programme, the Client and / or prospect agrees to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information in order to validate their membership in the Programme and allow them to fully benefit from the Rewards and / or Benefits linked to their membership to the Programme.

The Member must also update, via his loyalty account, his personal information in the event of a change. The Member releases the Manager from any responsibility in the event of non-allocation of Benefits and / or Rewards inherent in the communication of incorrect and / or non-updated information.


4.3 Changes to the Conditions

The Manager is free to modify in whole or in part and at any time the general conditions of the Programme. The modifications made will be the subject of information by electronic communication and the Member will have to accept the general conditions at his next connection to his Account.

The Manager is free to modify the establishments participating in the Program as well as the methods for earning and using points.


5. Loyalty account

Upon registration, the member has access to an account allowing him to:

  • Check his points balance

  • View and modify his current reservations and the history of his reservations

  • View the history of points and transactions

  • Consult personal details, personal preferences, stay preferences

  • Modify personal details, personal preferences, stay preferences

  • Subscribe to Group communications and consult their communication preferences.

  • Access personalized offers

  • Be recognized on

The Member can access to his loyalty account in one of the Establishment.


6. Acquisition of points

Loyalty Program points are acquired when a member does an Action which consists mainly of an eligible stay in one of the hotels participating in the Programme including at least one night consumed by the Member in person. Points are only acquired if the Member is identified as a Member when booking: his Program ID (Ecko account e-mail) must be used for the reservation on or filled manually by the hotel which registers the reservation by mail, phone or at the reception. Otherwise, not point will be awarded to the Member.

The number of points awarded depends on the member's status and the expenditure made.

Only expenses incurred at the time of booking, prior to the stay (online or with the hotel) are eligible to earn points.

The Action must be eligible for the Programme, and carried out by the Member himself.

Points are awarded, for a reservation, for a maximum of 5 rooms. If the guest in the second room also has a loyalty account, they can inform the hotel so that the points can be shared.

Points are strictly personal and non-transferable. Certain restrictions (dates, periods, etc.) may apply. To find out, the Member must refer to the Site and / or inquire with one of the Establishments.

The Member acknowledges that the Points do not constitute a means of payment and have no monetary value; no money will be returned for lost and / or unused Points.

Points are allocated automatically to the Member’s account 72 hours after the Action, either after leaving the Establishment for a stay.


6.1 Points scale

Points are accumulated on the following imputation system according to the status assigned to the Member.

  • Bronze : 5 points for 1€ spent
  • Silver : 10 points for 1€ spent
  • Gold : 12 points for 1€ spent
  • Platinium : 15 points for 1€ spent


6.2 Reservation channels giving entitlement to the Programme and excluded expenses:


Channels included: Points apply only for bookings made on direct channels.

  • On
  • On the sites of the Group's hotels.
  • Direcly with hotels: e-mail, call, walk-in

Excluded channels: The reservations eligible for points are excluded:

  • All reservations with a reseller, Tour Operators, Gift Box companies, online travel agencies (including and, agencies using GDS.


Expenses and reservations excluded from the Program:

  • Expenditure on seminar rooms or services ancillary to the seminar;
  • Tourist taxes;
  • Additional expenses made directly at the hotel during the stay (additional breakfast, drinks at the bar...)
  • Group bookings ;
  • Reservations of more than 10 consecutive nights;
  • Reservations of more than 5 rooms ;
  • Successive bookings (less than 24 hours between two stays) ;
  • Part of stays paid in points for a reservation paid for by the customer partially with his points;
  • Reservations paid only by the use of accumulated points;
  • Timhotel employee rate bookings;


Timhotel reserves the right to modify the list of eligible rates


6.3 Marketing Operations

Welcome Points: any new registration gives the right to a credit of 200 points automatically credited to the member's account.

Marketing operations: as part of specific promotion operations, Timhotel may award a specified number of points, not indexed on the scale and according to the conditions of the promotion.


6.4 Validity of points

Points start to be accumulated only from the moment when the Member validates his registration to the Programme. Points have no retroactive effect and cannot be awarded for stays booked before the Member's membership.

Points have a validity period of 18 months from their acquisition by the Member and are extended after the last Member’s activity (new reservation).

Points acquired and not used during a period of inactivity of more than 18 months will be automatically canceled. An email notification is sent to the Member at least 3 months before the points expire.

The Member must ensure that his points have been credited to his account after his stay. If the Member finds that his points have not been credited correctly, he has the possibility to submit a complaint in accordance with the provisions of article 10 here below.

For Members already members of the old Tim ’Loyalty program, please refer to the specific point. See the “Information point on the previous program and migration of points”


7. Status of the members

Regardless of the accumulation of points, a status is assigned to members, in a strictly individual and non-transferable manner, depending on the number of stays accumulated over the period of validity of the status indicated in 7.1.

  • Bronze : 0 stay 
  • Silver : 1 to 10 stays
  • Gold : 11 to 30 stays 
  • Platinium : more than 30 stays

A stay is considered each time a member stays at an Establishment participating in the program, from the moment an overnight stay is made, up to a maximum of 10 nights. Within the framework of successive reservations, an interval of 24 hours is necessary to constitute another stay.


7.1 Validity of the Status

The status acquired have a validity of 3 years after their acquisition.

Any stay at a participating establishment extends the period of validity of the status. At the end of the validity period, the status is reset to zero if no stay is made.

For example: a member makes his eleventh stay in January 2020 and obtains status 3. His status will be maintained until January 2023 even if he does not make any stay in the meantime.


7.2 Benefits and conditions of the Status

The status allow you to benefit from a faster accumulation of loyalty points as well as specific Benefits and Rewards indicated on the site.


8. Benefits and conditions of use of points

8.1 Use of loyalty points

Membership to the Programme entitles you to Benefits that can be used in all Establishments.

Points can be converted into Rewards according to the methods specified on the Site and the Establishments participating in the Programme.

Benefits and Rewards can include:

  • personal discounts on all or part of their online booking or at the hotel,
  • access to private sales,
  • invitations to events,
  • free exchange or cancellation guarantees,
  • surprises for the birthday or special events, etc.

It is understood that access to these Benefits depends on the personal data communicated. For example: without the date of birth, it will not be possible to grant the advantage "surprise for the birthday".

The details of the Benefits are available on the Site. The Member acknowledges that the Benefits can be modified at any time by the Manager.

As part of the discounts applied to the amount of a purchase, it is specified that the points have a monetary value corresponding to the currency of the hotel. The value of one point is equivalent to € 0.005.


8.2 Conditions for using points

1000 points are required to use part of the points.

Points cannot be bequeathed, given away or even combined between two different members.


8.3 Booking modification

In the event of a modification of the booking :

  • If the Member cancels a reservation before the scheduled check-in date and makes a new reservation, the points will be recalculated by the system on the basis of the new reservation.

  • If the Member cancels a reservation after the scheduled check-in date, the points used for the reservation will be lost.

In case of no show at the hotel, the points used to pay all or part of the reservation will be re-credited to the customer's account within 72 hours. Points earned will not be credited to the customer account.

Any reservation made with points requires a bank guarantee request. The Manager reserves the right to charge the loyalty points of the Member if the warranty information is not valid.


9. Protection of personal data

In accordance with the regulations on personal data and in particular the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as well as the law of January 6, 1978 modified, the data collected at registration and during membership of the program loyalty are processed within the framework of the policy for the use of personal data accessible at this address:


10. Information and complaints

The Member can consult the balance of his loyalty account at any time by logging into his loyalty account on the site or in one of the Establishments.

If the Member finds that the Points have not been correctly credited within a maximum of seven (7) calendar days following an Action, he may request that the balance be adjusted within six (6) months of this Action (in the event purchase, the control will be done by controlling the invoice, which will prevail).

Any complaint concerning the loyalty program can be made by written request via the Contact tab of the Timhotel group, by email to the address ... @ ... or by mail to the address Timhotel SAS 60 rue Marcel Dassault 92100 Boulogne Billancourt.


11. Member's responsibility


Any breach of these Programme terms and conditions by a Member, any improper or fraudulent use of Points, any falsification of the information communicated, as well as any harmful or reprehensible behavior (in particular annoying, malicious or insulting towards hotel staff ) may result in (i) the termination of the Membership of the Programme Member, and / or (ii) the removal of Points from his account, without notice or compensation. This termination will take place without prejudice to any possibility of action by the Manager to repair its damage.


12. Unsubscribe from the programme


12.1. At the initiative of the Member

The Member may at any time unsubscribe from the Programme in his loyalty account or by email by contacting


12.2. At the initiative of the Manager

Any use of the Programme contrary to these general conditions of use may be penalized by (i) the immediate cancellation of the Benefits and / or Rewards, and / or (ii) the closure of the account and / or (iii) the deletion of the all the Points accumulated on the loyalty account, without any compensation being claimed by the Member, for any reason whatsoever.


12.3. Effects of Unsubscribing from the Programme

In all cases, the end of membership to the Programme implies a complete withdrawal from the Programme and the definitive end of any relationship between the Manager and the Member. Unsubscribing from the Programme on the initiative of the Member does not however lead to the deletion of the Points accumulated on the account which remain valid for their entire period of validity as specified in article 6.4 of these Conditions.


13. Information point on the previous program and migration of points

The points acquired through the Tim Fidélité program were automatically transferred to a new account linked to the members' email address.

A welcome email and password modification will be sent automatically to old members in order to validate their registration for the new loyalty program;

The prize pool accumulated through the Tim Fidélité program will be converted in accordance with the new loyalty program and status number 1 (€ 1 spent = 5 points).


14. List of participating hotels:

Timhotel Le Louvre ; Timhotel Palais Royal ; Timhotel Invalides Eiffel ; Timhotel Opera Madeleine ; Timhotel Opera Blanche Fontaine ; Timhotel Paris Gare De L'Est ; Timhotel Paris Gare Du Nord ; Timhotel Paris Gare De Lyon ; Timhotel Odessa Montparnasse ; Timhotel Tour Montparnasse ; Timhotel Paris Gare Montparnasse ; Timhotel Tour Eiffel ; Timhotel Paris Berthier ; Timhotel Montmartre ; Timhotel Nation ; Timhotel Boulogne Rives De Seine.

The hotel La Lanterne & Spa by Timhotel does not take part in the Loyalty Programme.