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Capital: 2 423 520 €
Commercial register: 431 314 491 NANTERRE
APE Code: 6420Z
N° de TVA intracommunautaire : FR54431314491

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The information collected from internet users through a contact form is in conformity with the French Data Privacy Act. We hereby inform you that your replies are optional and that failure to reply does not have any particular consequences. However, in certain cases your information must be sufficient to allow us to respond to and / or process your requests.
The standard terms and conditions of sale and cancellation in connection with the online reservation or request for reservation are specifically stated on the forms. The internet user may request a copy of the standard terms and conditions of sale. The online reservation solutions require the ticking of the box “acceptance of the standard terms and conditions of sale” prior to any purchase. Any visitor’s taxes will be stated on the invoice of the property; they are not included in the amounts stated upon reservation. has no influence over the fixing of said tax.

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