Making your stay in Paris unforgettable is not the only mission of the Timhotel Group. 

Aware of the importance of biodiversity for the balance of the planet, we have decided to integrate the challenges of its preservation into our policy. We want to ensure that our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

We also act in favour of progress and solidarity in the general interest. We adopt an ethical behaviour and intend to participate in the construction of a more human society.

Through this page, follow the actions undertaken by the Group.

Consume less and better

Timhotel supports UNISOAP organisation

Our 15 hotels are working with the UNISOAP association to recycle hotel soap.  The objective of this approach is threefold:

  • Reduction of soap waste;
  • Reduction of diseases linked to the lack of hygiene among the underprivileged populations;
  • Creation of jobs for disabled workers

Bath-towels reuse

At Timhotel, our clients staying several nights are invited to reuse their bath-towels to save water and energy.

This way, the bath-towels not being left on the floor by our guests are not replaced by our housekeeping teams.

An eco-friendly gesture for a ethical tourism!

Water savers on our taps

Our hotels are equipped with water savers: The installation of aerated jets helps to reduce water consumption in our rooms without loss of comfort for our customers.

We have gone from a flow rate of 14 liters to 7 liters per minute self-regulated, which represents a 50% saving in water.

A limited consumption is an additional gesture for our planet!

100% renewable energy

Thanks to the Renewable Energy Option subscribed with our supplier EDF, a volume of certified* electricity of renewable origin corresponding to 100% of our electricity consumption is injected into the network.

*Electricity certified as being of renewable origin thanks to the Guarantees of Origin mechanism.

Electric charging stations

Faced with the explosion of electric car sales, the Group is adapting:

2 charging stations have been installed in the private parking lot of the Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine, available to all our guests. 

They can thus move freely and serenely during their stay in Paris!

Fight against food waste with Too Good To Go

To fight against food waste in our hotels, we called Too Good To Go, to save the unsold pastries and breads of the buffet breakfasts, by offering them in the form of surprise baskets. Buying a Too Good To Go basket is equivalent to reducing the emission of 2.5kg of CO2e resulting from the production of the foodstuffs it contains. 

Let's participate in the reduction of food waste!

Offer responsible products

Home and cleaning products

We are proud to offer our clients eco-label certified amenities (shower gel, shampoo, bar of soap, body lotion).

Our housekeeping departments, in charge of the cleanliness of the rooms and public areas, are also using eco-label cleaning supplies.

Sign of excellence, the eco-label guarantee a high level of demand in terms of impacts limitation of the products and services on the environment and the health, while maintaining their performance level.

Ethical and ecological goodies

Timhotel offers its customers eco-responsible tote bags from the brand "Au fil de...", made in French sewing workshops whose leitmotiv is solidarity and environmental protection.  The workshop participates in the integration of people in difficulty into the professional world.

Origin of our eggs

Timhotel is involved in an ethical procurement policy for the products from animal origin.

The objective of these actions covers the respect for our clients' health, our farmer partners, the environment and animal-welfare.

Hence, since 2018, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs proposed in our hotels come from free-range poultry.

Replacement of pens with pencils

To further reduce plastic pollution, the Timhotel group has decided to replace all its plastic pencils with French-made pencils. 

Commitment to people

LifeLine View Defibrillators

All Timhotel are equipped with a defibrillator defibtech.

It is the only defibrillator that shows you in video all the steps to follow thanks to its color screen. It guides you in particular for the safety instructions, the installation of the electrodes, the realization of the cardiac massage... Robust and light, it also has an integrated maintenance interface. It also allows you to switch from French to English, and vice versa, in a very intuitive way

Culture of listening within the company

Timhotel places a high value on the voice of its employees and is committed to continuous improvement of the employee experience and well-being. Employees are regularly invited to take part in surveys to express their opinions on their work environment. In this way, Timhotel aims to identify areas for improvement, ensure the commitment of its teams and retain talent.

Equal opportunity

At Timhotel, everyone has the same chance and the same opportunities for social development. We guarantee equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic, social or cultural background, or sexual orientation.

We also promote greater gender equality within the company. The proportion of women represents 61%, 55% of whom have executive status.