Montparnasse Tower

Discover the capital city's highest building, standing at 210 meters tall. Head for the Necker district, in front of the station. But to reach the top of the Montparnasse tower, you don't need to climb the façade with your bare hands, like Alain Robert did, France's answer to Spiderman. Here, the lifts do the hard work for you. There are 25 in total, ascending 56 floors in 38 seconds: a European record.

This high up, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Paris and all its monuments. You can even eat or drink in front of the bay windows, thanks to the Ciel de Paris restaurant.
However, if you feel like climbing up a bit more, you can go up another three floors, this time on foot. The terrace that you'll find there will be your ultimate reward. Congratulations! You are on the roof of the City of Light!

Montparnasse Towerspecial selection of our hotels

  • From 135 Timhotel Paris Gare Montparnasse

    In front of Montparnasse Tower. TGV and metro station 2 minutes away

    Montparnasse is an emblematic district of Paris. Combining communication, business and art of living, this particularly mythical place gives access to a complete offer of shops, shows, restaurants, but also Parisian life. Timhotel Paris...

    Ideal location facing the Montparnasse Tower

  • From 121 Timhotel Odessa Montparnasse

    Great location in the lively district of Montparnasse

    Timhotel Odessa Montparnasse is located on the Odessa street in the Montparnasse district of the 14th arrondissement of Paris. A street where Breton creperies compete, and where business and art of living are one!   This particularly...

    In the heart of theaters, shops and restaurants

  • From 135 Timhotel Tour Montparnasse

    An exclusive address in the lively theaters district of Montparnasse

    An emblematic district of Paris, Montparnasse happily combines communication, business and art of living. A symbol of the Parisian art of living, this mythical place offers shops, shows and restaurants. On Rue de la Gaîté, the...

    Art Deco building close to the Montparnasse Tower