Place de la Bastille

The Place de la Bastille is one of the most famous squares in Paris. It is located in the 11th arrondissement and has a rich and eventful history. This square is the symbol of the French Revolution and the fight for freedom.

The square owes its name to the Bastille prison, which was located on the site of the current Place de la Bastille. The prison was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1789, an event that marked the beginning of the fall of the French monarchy. The square was built on the ruins of the Bastille prison.

The Place de la Bastille is an emblematic place of the struggle for freedom and democracy. It has been the scene of many historical events, including the riots of 1830, which led to the fall of King Charles X and the advent of Louis-Philippe, King of the French. The square was also the starting point of the Parisians' revolt during the Paris Commune in 1871, an attempt to create a revolutionary government in the city.

In the center of the square is the July Column, a monument erected in honor of the victims of the 1830 riots. The column is 52 meters high and is topped by a winged genie symbolizing freedom. The column is surrounded by a fountain, which is particularly impressive at night when the lights of the city are reflected on the water.

Finally, the Place de la Bastille is a gathering place for Parisians during major events. It has been the site of many political and cultural gatherings, as well as concerts and sporting events. Celebrations of July 14, the French national holiday, often begin with a parade through the square.

In conclusion, the Place de la Bastille is an emblematic place in Paris, known for its history, its architecture and its lively atmosphere. It is a symbol of the struggle for freedom and democracy, as well as of the Parisian alternative culture.

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